B1ISOX Inline RF Isolation TFMER 1500w SSB/PEP 200w CW

The RadioWavz Inline RF Isolation Transformer. A UNUN Unbalanced to Unbalanced Isolation transformer. Is designed for providing galvanic isolation and inter coupling of an at least partially unbalanced line and a substantially balanced line having similar line impedance’s which is capable of passing differential signals over a wide bandwidth while substantially attenuating any common mode signals. This transformer acts as a RF isolator by isolating the signal and ground path between two segments of a RF circuit. It provides a means of eliminating the noise developed due to ground currents and pickup over long cable runs. Its wide bandwidth, excellent pulse fidelity, and inline design make it useful for a wide variety of installation possibilities. This UNUN can be used to break or prevent ground loops. The Isolation transformer is effective from 1.8 to 50 MHz. It was designed to improve the performance of all amateur stations, fixed or mobile.

B1ISOX   Inline RF Isolation TFMER 1500w SSB/PEP 200w CW
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