The Radio Wavz End-fed Zep consisting of one ½ wave radiator and ¼ wave stub is an antenna that delivers better than average transmitted signals even when installed at only ~¼ wavelength, above and it is directly fed with any length of 50-Ohm coax. With the exception of 40-meter coverage (~150-200 kHz) no tuner is necessary for 15-20 meter operation with low SWR across the band.

End-feeding a half wavelength of wire has certain mechanical advantages over center-feeding the same length of wire. It can be erected in limited space situations where a center-fed antenna is not possible. Once connected, you’ll find the End-fed Zep presents a low SWR across the entire band. However, it is a “one-band antenna” depending which band you chose. If you wish to work out side of the intended band a good tuner will help bring other bands.

END FED ZEP 80 METERS 1500w SSB 1500w CW
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