G5RV Lite 80m - 6m


Band width:       80
meters - 6 meters (With a tuner)
Antenna Width:    67
ft. end to end 14awg. UV insulated stranded wire.
Antenna hight:    32
ft. 450 ohm twin lead
Power:            500w


The  RadioWavz G5RV Lite.  antenna measures only 67 feet across the top for 80 meter - 6 meter operation, and is fed at the center through a low loss 450 ohm twin lead feed-stub. The interaction between the radiating section and the feed-stub makes the G5RV Lite  usually easy to match on all-bands from 80 meters through 6 meters with good antenna tuner. (An antenna tuner is required to make this antenna work on multiple bands.

This antenna is made with of high quality UV insulated 14awg. stranded wire on the top and a heavy duty 450 ohm ladder line. This 450 ohm ladder line  is made with heavy duty PVC made to last in the most inclement of environments. The ladder line terminates into a SO 239 connector.

  • Made to last 
  • Made to fit a city lot!!
  • Special loading coils give full G5RV performance in almost half the space.
  • Durable in construction
  • Designed to be light weight
  • Easy to work with
  • Easy to service


G5RV Lite 80m - 6m
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