The RadioWavz MBITR Tactical Vest Antenna System (TVAS) is an antenna system designed to be worn by the U.S. military communicator. The TVAS is a body-worn SINCGARS antenna optimized (30-88 MHz) for intra-squad communications with handheld radios. Antenna runs from a handheld radio in either chest pocket over the shoulder and threads into webbing on back of tactical vest. 10 oz The RadioWavz MBITR TVAS is manufactured in the U.S.A using a state-of-the-art thin flexible material that is tripled shielded, with a braded sleeve to better resist cuts and abrasions. The abrasion resistant material is a UL and CSA flame resistant rating of VW-1.

The lightweight, Flexible installation provide the operator a tactical advantage over long whip antennas. SINCGARS communications link performance is maintained without hindering the user's vision or movement. While providing better tactical concealment. Unsurpassed range and coverage performance makes this wearable antenna product the antenna of choice for SINCGARS VHF/UHF communications operators. The standard TNC connector allows these antennas to easily connect to the PRC-152 and PRC-148 radios. Other connector configurations available on request.

The boot covers the TNC shell so the antenna has easier acsess to the radio's connector. Less chances of the coax disonnection from connector.

Tripled shielded, flexible weave with braided sleeve that is cut and abrasion resistant. CSA flame resistant with a rating of VW-1. Rubber boot covers TNC shell. Easy assess for disconnect.
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  • Item #: MBITR-TVAS XD
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